January 9, 2017

Engine Under Construction

The past week I started to work on the overall game architecture. Now, that things are rolling out I can tell you a bit more about this topic. 

As a mantra, I decided to keep things simple, so "Tiny" is the keyword for this project. As you can see in the diagram below (which is pretty...tiny), the whole game is divided into five components; four if you want to treat me with some dignity.

WYDIWYS (What you draw is what you see)
If anyone wants to get this masterpiece of design it is on sale for just $49,999.

  • TinyEngine. This class library will be responsible for supplying the most primitive classes and operations such as sprites, animations, content loading, scene management, audio playback and scene rendering. This library will be running on top of the Monogame Framework and will contain no game logic at all.
  • TinyAdventurer. This class library goes up one more step and will be responsible for supplying the base classes to support the different entities in the game such as rooms, items, actors and so on. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! If you thought for a second on a point & click adventure, then it is not. BTW, I'm a great fan of point & click adventure games. Especially the classic ones!
  • Scripting Engine. In programming, the word "Adventure" always comes with his little brother beside: the scripting engine. I'll be writing my own scripting language. It will be tiny and extensible. I will talk more about this topic in a couple of weeks.
  • Adventure. And finally, we climb up one more step in the ladder to meet the Adventure. The place where all components converge to create the masterpiece, the executable, the magnificent piece of code that will bring you hours and hours of excessive and uncontrollable fun! This is so exiting!

Finally, mixed with a bit of game design and story writing, this week will be spent on getting the first part of the TinyEngine implemented and building a quick test game to see how well it works.

- Diego


  1. Waiting for the tiny engine!! Have some batteries to lend.. good luck!

  2. This library will be running on top of the Monogame Framework and will contain no game logic at all.testingconstruction

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