January 23, 2017

Engine Under Construction: TinyEngine - Part II

Wow! That was a lot of coding! The creation and development of a video game requires a lot of work. It is a hard mission that demands a high dose of creativity, long working days, great responsibility and full-time dedication. At the same time it is funny and heartwarming. Every minute is worth it. I do it with passion. This is the only way to create one of these creatures.

Said that...

There are a bunch of new types! The TinyEngine is almost done! Let's take a look at the second series of classes:

I've added a particle system because I plan to use particles for most of the visual effects. Whether it’s a splash of blood, a magical effect, a flurry of snow, or an explosion, all these effects will be created with the particle system.

The Atlas class represents an...Atlas!!! An atlas is a large image containing a collection of sub-images. All the game graphics will be stored in this way. BTW, I'm using TexturePacker for this.

The ObjectPool class it is a generic abstract class used to easily implement the Object Pool Pattern. If you want to know more about this pattern, try to read this article.

The RollExpression class. This is one of my favorites! 

var test = new RollExpression("d4+2");
test.Roll(); // will return a value between 3 and 7.

Finally, the generic Tween class and its descendants bring a quick way to ease and tween colors, numbers and vectors.

There is still a long way to go before all these types look like the action adventure game I have in mind, but having this library almost done is a big step forward. I will spend this week purely in testing the TinyEngine library. I'll be back.

P.S. By the way I have the core of the story figured-out and the name of the game which is a surprise for now! I really like it! It's a good one!

- Diego

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