February 20, 2017

Designing the Game: Part II

While I have made a lot of progress in the plot and the main characters I still have a lot of loose wires to connect and piles of paper sheets to process. Designing a game is a huge creative process. And when you are the only one in the team it is even bigger!

So, up to this point there are 4 main characters (3 males and 1 female). They work together and they are very special people with very special attributes that help very special people. I was also writing some cool stuff about their personalities and background stories. This is basically the main cast; few more characters might join the party as the game design evolves (whoever is without sin, cast the first stone.)

It was also the turn to put on the artist costume and start working on the characters. The style I was looking for had to comply with certain internal and tiny rules: simple to draw and easy to animate - specially for me :-0

I wanted them to look serious and somewhat mysterious but with a touch of apparent humor. I'd love to show you some material but I'm still at a very preliminary stage...

However, I've something to tell you. A few weeks ago I found the following image on my computer:

When I saw this drawing I was petrified because it captured much of the story of the game: the entrails of it. (BTW, this is not the art style of the game.)

The first thing I thought of was that one of my children had done it since I had told them a bit about the story I was plotting. I quickly went to ask them, but both of them told me that they had not done it. The file had been created 4 days ago during the early morning, so, there was no chance that it was the boys.

So? Who the fu*k did the drawing? A few minutes later, after tying up loose ends, I remembered that a friend of mine (Denise) had stayed to sleep at home 4 days ago, so I immediately sent her a message. It was then, that she told me that she got up at dawn and started to draw pictures with my computer.

So, case closed, except for one little thing...she did not know anything about the plot of the game. Silence.

Well, let's keep talking about the design of the game.

Regarding "Permadeath" I scouted many games and articles to support my decision about this cool feature (provided that you like Permadeath). It is important to note, that the game needs to be designed with this mechanic in mind meaning that all deaths must be -clearly- the player's fault (bugs and design flaws out please).

Soon I will start with the design of the second framework named TinyAdventurer. This class library will be responsible for supplying the base classes to support the different entities in the game such as rooms, items, actors and all that kind of stuff. You can read more about it in one of my previous posts here.

That's all for now. I'll be back.

- Diego

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