May 3, 2017

State of the Game: Part II

Hi everyone! The past weeks I was really busy doing a lot of research, mostly to explore the list of gameplay features that I'm going to include in the game. As it always happens, some will work and some won't. Let me tell you how things are going on:

Since I started the project on January 1, 2017, I dedicated the first months to the programming of the main components required to support the overall game architecture. I'm building the whole engine from the ground up and I must say that Monogame, Visual Studio 2017 and C# are all awesome and very solid!

The TinyEngine was augmented with a couple of new classes to better integrate sounds into the game.

Both the TinyAdventurer and the TinyScript frameworks are  up and running. New requirements or performance adjustments might come up in the future, but they shouldn't be a problem at all.

The time to use the scripting language has come.

Game Design
I'm still polishing the main plot/story. There are still a lot of loose ends that I still need to wire up to bring consistency. 

I'm a keen supporter of adventure games, ergo, I like stories and plots. But, I'm also a 46-year old creature who played almost all Atari games in my childhood, so I'm a great fan of permadeath too. As a result, I earned a free-pass ride into the "Dichotomy" roller coaster! 

Finding the right balance between narrative and permadeath.
The game is neither a roguelike nor a point & click adventure. So, I'm designing the game to have the most positive aspects of both genres.

A pre-teaser video and the official website will be available in a couple of months 8-)

- Diego

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