August 10, 2017

State of the Game: Part IV

It's time for a new, fresh, bug-free and eco-friendly State of the Game post! Hopefully, this is going to be the last post. I mean, this is going to be the last post before revealing the name of the game, the first teaser video and the web page (remember I said hooooopefully...).

Let's begin.

Currently, I have burned out half of the estimated development time and the ship still has fuel for another 7 months.

My primary intention was always to send the game to the IGF'18 contest, but I think it won't be possible at all by that date unless elves come in the night and help me to do the job while I sleep. So, I will skip this step and aim all cannons directly to GDC'18. I'll be in San Francisco approximately between March 17-25 showing the game and looking for potential publishers.

Making games is really fun and I can't imagine doing anything else in my life. As a solo developer I have to switch my mind on the fly to support the different roles. At times, I'm the game designer, then the programmer, the artist, the level designer and the tester. I call this peculiar situation: Personality Casting. Here are a few tips that work for me to deal with it:

  • Always move forward or backward, but keep moving. If you are not inspired for game design, then go ahead with programming, art or any other available role.
  • Don't push yourself. Sometimes, ideas just don't come up. Take your time, go for a coffee or take the day off.
  • Play and watch games, even the bad ones. There is always something useful to learn.
  • Your brain is fueled by blood, so don't let that blood clot in your butt. Although, I play soccer once a week it is not enough for a 12-hours working day, so for the very first time in my 46-years life I'm going to the gym twice a week to shake my blood; and it works.
  • Do not obsess about something in particular. Always remember the quote by Aristotle: "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.". When you do too much focus on something you will always find a problem or potential improvement.
  • Design for your own pleasure. Be yourself.

Right now, there are nine minutes of gameplay. Nine minutes of an action-adventure pixel-art style where you control two characters in a very special way.

Technically speaking, the programming is almost done. Of course there are always things to improve, change or create.

The TinyScript is working great and right now I spend most of my time coding in it instead of C#.

The save system is up and running and it is absolutely a must at this point, unless you are too crazy to start the game from the beginning every time.

The art style for the game was drawn by a friend of mine because I'm realistic and I'm not good enough drawing backgrounds. Instead, I'm creating, drawing and animating all characters in the game.

Music is impossible for me. If there is something for which I was not born, is music. My initial idea was to use a royalty free music library, but finally the game is going to have its own original soundtrack. Another friend of mine is working on it.

The game is in good state. There is still a lot of hard work to do ahead.

- Diego

P.S. If you are too anxious and want to see the name of the game, then scroll down.

Hey! You're Anxious!

Scroll down!

You are close...


See ya!

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