September 28, 2017

Nine Witches: Inventory System

It's Thursday again! Here I am, working hard on the game. Just in case you miss it, I'm working on a pixel-art action adventure called Nine Witches since January 2017.

The last month I was producing a lot of stuff including the official Nine Witches Home Page , the first official Teaser, social network registrations and of course, the game. I'm doing all except for the background art and the music.

We, game developers, approach inventories in many different ways. Now, I will describe a bit how the Inventory System works in Nine Witches.

First of all, the Inventory is limited, which means that you are only allowed to carry a limited number of items, so you must prioritize certain items over others. Don't be capricious! You can not have everything you want ever!

Below are the inventory limits rules:

  1. Slots. The inventory is limited by a set of slots. The amount of slots varies between characters. As in real life, some characters are stronger than others, so they can carry more things. By the way, I am in the weaker side.
  2. Item Stacking. Item stacking is allowed only for small items. Medium and large items cannot be stacked. Each type of item defines its own stacking limit, but in most cases, 3 is the magic number. For ammo-based items the stacking limit is higher. As an example, a .38 revolver has a limit of 30 bullets.
  3. Weapon Limits. Some characters can carry more weapons than others. The minimum number of weapons for a character is 2.
Items can be reordered and you can also freely drop them anywhere, but be careful because dropped items might be stolen or may suffer the effect of time. 

This is basically how the inventory system works in Nine Witches. Let me know what you think and share your ideas.

If you like the game you are invited to spread the word ;-) In addition, you can follow it on Twitter

- Diego



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