January 14, 2018

A long post ago in a blog far, far away....

Here I am, sitting on my chair working on Nine Witches. The game is constantly growing with new stuff and several changes. I still have 45 days to finish the game! Unfortunately this is not going to happen... there is still a lot of work ahead. So, I will need to reschedule the whole thing because it is going to take more time than expected.

One of the biggest changes to the game was the addition of a map. The truth is that the overall experience felt a bit tight regarding physical space. The game was demanding a new location that brings the player a macro view of the area to eradicate this awful feeling of being on a huge forest on the north east coast of Norway but never seen it.

The addition of the map improves the overall game experience introducing the feeling of distance and also removing the lack of exploration.

The map is huge and has lot of places. Characters are seen as miniatures walking around. I programmed my path finding code to support only rectangular areas which was perfect a few months ago... But now, with the addition of the map a dilemma came up:

1 - Assembly the new map location using the current path finding code and pass the rest of my life in an asylum.


2 - Rewrite the path finding algorithm to support polygons.

Of course, I chose option one, but unfortunately the asylum was full at that time. So, I had to move to option two. Watch the videos below.

I also made some changes to the story. Now, everything happens during 1944 during the German occupation of Norway, instead of 1950 as in the initial version. As a result the Nazis are everywhere and the Dunkelstaffel is no longer a post-war fugitive division. Second, there are more changes but I don't want to spoil you!

- Diego

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